Composite Columns in Multi-Storey Buildings

Offshore Oil and Gas NPDES Permits: Creative Solutions—Three Case Studies
The U. S. EPA has responsibility under the Clean Water Act (CWA) to maintain and enhance the quality of the Nation's waters. Section 402 of the CWA authorizes EPA to issue...

Use of Vibration Tests to Determine Lateral Load Paths in Medium Rise Buildings
A structural system identification procedure is described in which an initial analytical model of a building is modified until it predicts accurately the mode shapes and natural frequencies...

Strengthening of a Multi-Story Building with Deflection Constraints
Occasionally the existing structural or nonstructural systems of a building being strengthened require the imposition of deflection constraints or limits in order to avoid an undesirable...

System Identification Applied to Pseudo-Dynamic Test Data: A Treatment of Experimental Errors
A single-input single-output system identification technique, used to estimate the modal properties of a full-scale six-story steel structure tested within its elastic range by the pseudo-dynamic...

Development of a Nonlinear Model for USSB North Hall Response under Earthquake Loads

Knowledge Bases for Multistory Concrete Buildings
Heuristics are used in the concrete building industry. A knowledge base is developed with heuristics used in the selection of the floor framing system of a concrete building....

3-D Orthogonal Curvilinear Circulation Modelling
A three-dimensional circulation model has been developed using an orthogonal curvilinear coordinate system. The model as constructed is capable of simulations on a variety of time and...

Observed High-Rise Building Response to Construction Blast Vibrations

Computing for Multistory Frame by Small Storage Computer

Dynamic Analysis of Buildings by Component Mode Synthesis

Full-Scale Seismic Tests on a Six-Story Concentrically K-Braced Steel Building--U.S.-Japan Cooperative Research Program

Sea Level Rise and Shoreline Recession

Stochastic Response of Yielding Multi-Story Structures

Seismic Performance of Low Rise Commercial Buildings

Five-Story Timber Framed Building
Multi-story glu-lam frames used as a structural system in the Terman Engineering Center, Stanford University. Covers the problem and solution of combining timber framing with reinforced...

Automated Design of Multistory Frame Structures

Post-Buckling Behavior of Multistory Steel Frames

Monitoring Sludge Disposal — Mid-Atlantic Shelf

Optimum Design of Multi-Story Planar Frames with Plastic Design Constraints and Deflection Constraints





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