Trenchless in San Diego
The Middletown Trunk Sewer is located near downtown San Diego. Sewage backups prompted a study, recommending construction of a larger replacement pipeline. The City of San Diego prepared...

Underground Pipeline Materials, Design, and Construction: What Have We Learned During 1985-1995? Where Do We Go From Here?

The Development and Installation of Ductile Iron Microtunneling Pipe

Choice of Pipes for Micro Tunnels

Microtunneling Design Considerations

Microtunneling Forces: The Pipe's Perspective

Freshwater Bypass Microtunnels for a Class III Sanitary Landfill

Case Study: Design Considerations for the St. James Avenue Sewer Restoration in Boston

Evaluation of Retrievable Microtunneling System

Microtunneling Meets Mother Nature
The world's first ocean thermal energy plant is getting a double. Microtunneling the second ocean intake 80 ft under the Pacific Ocean is proving challenging, partly due to...

Microtunneling Techniques to Form an Insitu Barrier Around Existing Structures

To Microtunnel or Not to Microtunnel? The Construction of the Crown Point Trunk Sewer

Microtunneling Arrives in San Diego as an Attractive Alternative to Open Trenching

Microtunneling: Overview and Case Study
Microtunneling is defined in the United States as a remotely controlled, laser guided pipe jacking process, which does not require personnel entry. This paper describes the components...

Microtunneling with PVC Pipe
PVC is a suitable and economical product for sewer system construction. However, in the past, utilization of PVC sewer pipe in microtunneling was impossible due to axial thrust load limitations...

Installing a Raw Water Line by Microtunneling
Construction began in 1991 on a new water treatment plan for the Towns of Cary and Apex, with B. Everett Jordan Lake as a water source. Installation of two 1,400 mm raw water lines approximately...

Microtunneling of Vitrified Clay Pipe in the United States
Vitrified clay pipe (VCP) has been used for centuries to convey waste water away for cities. In Europe and Japan, VCP has been used in the microtunnelling process for longer than 10 years....

Manholes and Microtunneling
Contractors are for the Oakwood Beach Interceptor Sewer Project, on Staten Island, N.Y., were having difficulty. Glacial tills and a high water table made working 90 ft below the ground...

Dallas Goes Trenchless
Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) has stopped relying solely on traditional open-cut trenching methods. Instead, we look to trenchless technologies to minimize costs and disruption to the public....

Microtunneling MARTA
Microtunneling technology was used to provide temporary support for two transit tunnels that were part of the extension of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority system. This...





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