Modeling of Microbially Active Soil Columns
A soil-based microbial treatment process for on-site treatement of hazardous industrial wastewaters has been developed. The indigenous microflora of the soil are supplemented by the addition...

Evaluation of the Effects of Temperature and Oxygen Concentration on Lignin Biodegradation
Color in natural waters has been attributed to humic substances which are believed to originate as by-products of lignin biodegradation. The purpose of our research was to examine the...

Structural Vibrations Associated with Large Incubation Tanks
It is the purpose of this paper to describe the format of an investigation wherein the train of evidence led from an assumption of a strictly mechanical cause to an actual cause that was...

Influence of Adsorbtion on Biofilm Development

Aquaculture Theory and Practice: Hercules, California

Removal of Microorganisms by Slow Rate Sand Filtration

Tin and Microbes in the Chesapeake Bay

Spectral Analysis of Radar Data for Ballistics

Developing an ATP Index for Degradation of Drinking Water Quality by Attached Microbes

Inhibition of Nitrification by Metals

Conceptual Model Depicting Anaerobic Geomicrobial Processes in Reservoirs

Mixing and Microorganism Survival in the Slave River, N. W. T.





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