Modeling the Dynamic Nonlinear Response of Single Piles

Scour around Exposed Pile Foundations
Laboratory experiments were conducted to measure local scour around exposed pile groups for a variety of conditions including different spacings, different skew angles, different patterns...

Scour Protection in Bottomless Culverts
This paper will describe the relative severity of scour anticipated to occur at bottomless culverts and will provide some design guidance for scour protection based on research referenced...

Comparing Three Techniques for Finding the Overall Lengths of Installed Timber Piles

Response of Pile Embedded in Stochastic Ground Media

Reliability Analysis for Deep-Seated Stability of Pile-Supported Structures

Hysteretic Response and Structural Reliability

Estimation of Driven Pile Resistance at an Overconsolidated Clay Site Using Geostatistical Methods

Evaluation of Reliability of Pile-Supported Structures

Design Model Bias Factors for Driven Piles from Experiments at NGES-UH

Defect Detection (Available only in Geo/Environmental Special Issue)
Sonic integrity logging technology can detect flaws in deep foundations more reliably and at less cost than conventional boring techniques. These non-destructive test tools are being used...

Pile Wall Cuts Off Seepage (Available only in Geo/Environmental Special Issue)
An unusual cutoff wall constructed by the secant pile method succeeded in drying up seepage through the permeable strata below a saddle dam at Beaver Dam in Arkansas, owned by the U.S....

Comparison of Static and Dynamic Test Results for Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Highly Saline Permafrost

Driven Pile Capacities in Warm Permafrost in Komi Republic, Russia

Foundation Retrofit at Savoonga A Retrospective Study

West Dock Causeway Bridge Piers

Chicago's Micropile Debut
On a tight, urban site around Chicago's historic Orchestra Hall, engineers used high-capacity micropiles as an alternative to hand-dug caissons. On a $104 million project...

Cold Regions Engineering
The Cold Regions Infrastructure—An International Imperative for the 21st Century
This volume includes papers presented at the Eighth International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering—The Cold Regions Infrastructure: An International Imperative for the 21st Century....

Soft Ground Improvement in Lowland and Other Environments
The presence of thick deposits of soft clay combined with the effects of ground subsidence cause problems for engineering constructions for lowland areas such as the Central Plain (Chao...

Marine Borers Are Back
Cleaning up the nation's harbors has brought a resurgence in marine borer activity. These organisms, mainly the teredo and the limnoria, eat at timber piers, undermining critical...





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