Excess Pore Water Pressures Behind Quay Walls

Aspects of Dynamic Centrifuge Testing of Soil-Pile-Superstructure Interaction

Axial Vibrations of Circular Pile Foundations in Layered Soil Medium

Centrifuge and Numerical Modeling of Soil-Pile Interaction during Earthquake Induced Soil Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading

A Cluster in Granular Systems as a Topologically Variable Structure

Compaction Grouting at Tip of Sheetpile Shoring

On Site, Electrochemical, Corrosion Assessment of Sheet Pile Navigation Structures

Internally Generated (Autocyclic) Fluctuations in Fluvial Systems

Soil-Pile–Structure Interactions

Seismic Behavior of Tall Buildings Supported on Pile Foundations

Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction in Liquefying Sand from Large-Scale Shaking-Table Tests and Centrifuge Tests

Earthquake Induced Forces in Piles in Layered Soil Media

Numerical Implementation of a 3-D Nonlinear Seismic S-P-S-I Methodology

Seismic Performance of Integral Abutment Bridges

Aspects of Geotechnical Engineering in Permafrost Regions

Seismic Analysis and Design for Soil-Pile-Structure Interactions
Pile foundations are used extensively to support structures in seismic regions around the world. For years, geotechnical engineers have neglected to consider the interaction soil-pile...

Turnback Project Moves Ahead
The $202 million Muni Metro Turnback (MMT) Project, scheduled for completion in September 1996, includes an 840 ft section consisting of twin steel-lined tunnels that connects to the Embarcadero...

Studies on Wave, Current and Suspended Sediment Characteristics at the Surf Zone

Time Effects on Pile Skin Resistance

Condition Assessment of Marine Timber Piles Using Stress Wave Method





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