Decision Support Within the Au Sable River Watershed

Book Review: Concrete: A Pictorial Celebration. Farmington Hills, Michigan: American Concrete Inistitute, 2004

Montioring and Modeling of Tandem Breakwater System at Hammond, IN
A tandem breakwater system was constructed in 1989-90 to provide protection for a large marina at Hammond, IN, at the south end of Lake Michigan. A five year monitoring program (1993-98),...

Detroit Mayor Wants Help from Washington

Hydrodynamic modeling for the 1998 Lake Michigan Coastal Turbidity Plume Event

Lake Michigan Forecast System and the Prospects for a Sediment Transport Model

Evaluation of Landslide Hazards with Ground-Penetrating Radar, Lake Michigan Coast

A GIS-Linked Flood and Erosion Prediction System for Lake Michigan

Sedimentation and Harbor Hydrodynamics at U.S. Coast Guard Station, Port Huron, Michigan

A Risk-Based Approach to Subsurface NORM Disposal
(No paper) Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) has become an environmental concern for the petroleum industry. NORM scales results when naturally occurring radium co-precipitates...

Interstate Mediation As an Alternative to Litigation: Resolving Illinois' Lake Michigan Diversion Dispute

Modeling Thermal Structure and Circulation in Lake Michigan

Restoring Wetland Hydrology in Farmed Wetlands

Detroit Downtown People Mover: Ten Years After

The Quincy Mine Tramway

Reclaiming Detroit's Riverfront: A Cost-Effective In-Situ Solution for Returning a Lead Contaminated Site to Public Use

Manufactured Housing: Trends and Perceptions

Risk Reduction of Lead and Mercury in Michigan

Biodegradation Modeling of a Closed Landfill Site
The two-dimensional model, BIOPLUME II, was applied to the closed Becker County Landfill at Detroit township, Minnesota, to study the transport of hydrocarbons occurring at the site. The...

Coastal Evolution Downdrift of St. Joseph Harbor on Lake Michigan





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