Climate Trends Due to Increasing Greenhouse Gases

Computer Design of Landfill Methane Migration Control
Computer programs for the design of methane migration control systems around sanitary landfills are described. These programs allow the effectiveness of individual designs to be evaluated...

Heat Treatment and Anaerobic Digestion of Refuse
Alkaline heat treatment was evaluated as a pretreatment process for increasing the anaerobic digestibility of municipal refuse. The goal was an increased methane yield from refuse lignocellulose....

Modeling Toxicity in Methane Fermentation Systems
Wastewater treatment using anaerobic methane fermentation offers several significant advantages over aerobic methods, but is considered unreliable when treating wastewaters containing...

Temperature Effects: Methane Generation from Landfill Samples
The objective of this investigation was to study the impact of temperature variations on the rate of methane generation from solid waste. The temperatures investigated ranged from 21°C...

Energy Conservation in Municipal Sludge Research

Attached and Suspended Growth Methanogenesis

Grouting Methane Drainage Holes in Coalbeds

New Bus Maintenance Facility on a Landfill Area

Methane from Kelp, A Systems Study

Methane Gas Utilization from Landfill Site
The results are described of a case study of a gas extraction and utilization system located on a sanitary landfill site. The system includes the following: a 0.9-m-diameter gas extraction...

Assessing the Toxicity of Sulfite Evaporator Condensate to Methanogens

Municipal Industrial Waste Landfill Simulators

Effects of Environmental Stresses Due to Industrial Wastes in Gas Production in Landfill Sediments

Methane Productions in Sanitary Landfills in Cold Regions

Anaerobic Digestion of Cannery Tomato Solid Wastes
Two major problems facing the food processing industry are solid waste management and energy cost. Anaerobic digestion of tomato solid waste, a means of both waste treatment and energy...

Modeling Toxicity in Methane Fermentation Systems

Methane Migration Around Sanitary Landfills
Mathematical models have been developed to predict methane migration around sanitary landfills. The methane gas that is generated during the decomposition of refuse constitutes an explosion...

Improving Digester Methane Yield by Heat Treatment

Preventing the Underground Movement of Methane from Sanitary Landfills
Alternatives for controlling methane gas migration from sanitary landfills are evaluated. The conditions leading to explosions and fires from concentrations of methane are discussed. Advantages...





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