Water Gravity Waves Generated by a Moving Low Pressure Area

Generation of Wind Waves

Diffraction of Wind Generated Water Waves

Water Waves Generated by Landslides in Reservoirs

3-D Hydraulic Model of Waves Generated by Displacements

Comparative Evaluation of System Ductility of Mesh and Fibre Reinforced Shotcretes

What Are Teams and Where Do We Find Them?
The word team may be defined as a group of people, each with different skills and often with different tasks, who work together toward a common project, service, or goal with a meshing...

Generation of a Two-Dimensional Unstructured Mesh for the East Coast of South Carolina

Scaling the Monument
One of the three phases in the restoration of the Washington Monument was the design and construction of an aluminum scaffolding system with both functional and aesthetic purposes. The...

A Second-Order Solution of the Flap Wavemaker Problem

Recurring Evolution of Water Waves Through Nonresonant Interactions

The SWAN Wave Model Verified Along the Southern North Sea Coast

A Numerical Model of Low Frequency Wave Motion on a Beach and over Reefs

Characteristics of Giant Freak Waves Observed in the Sea of Japan

Current Effects on Harmonic Generation and Nonlinear Shoaling of Shallow-Water Waves

A Nonstationary, Parametric Coastal Wave Model

The Islands' Effect in Wind Waves

Experimental Modeling of a Rip Current System

On the Nonlinear Behaviour of Ocean Wave Groups

Online Absorption Control System for Wave Generation





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