Case Studies of Buried Corrugated Metal Pipes from the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Risk Evaluation of Special Moment-Resisting Frames under an Earthquake

Creep Behavior of Frozen and Unfrozen Soils: A Comparison

Concept of Ensuring the Serviceability of the Roadbed of the Berkakit-Tommot-Yakutsk Railway on Sections of Very Icy Permafrost

Finite Element Analysis of a Wheel Rolling in Snow

Strengthening of Structures of a Mine in the North

Recent Advances in the Characterization of Transportation Geo-Materials
This proceedings, Recent Advances in the Characterization of Transportation Geo-Materials, contains a compendium of papers demonstrating a...

Behavioral Characteristics of Residual Soils
This proceedings, Behavioral Characteristics in Residual Soils, contains papers presented during the sessions sponsored by the Geo-Institute...

Excavations in San Francisco Bay Mud: Design for Deformation Control

TDR Monitoring of Overburden Deformation to Verify Modeled Behavior

Deformations of Buildings in the Cryolithozone

Near Fault Ground Motion Effects on Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDOF) Inelastic Response

A Field Observation and Prediction in Soft Ground Tunnel

Performance of a Large Diameter Trunk Line During Two Near-Field Earthquakes

Large Deformation Behavior of Pipelines with Elbows

Rationalizing the Practice of Strut Preloading for Braced Excavations

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Experimental Studies of Curved Steel Bridge Behavior during Construction

Aluminum Gusset Plates in Tension

Steel Material Property Considerations

Effects of Flow Duration on Local Scour at Bridge Piers in New York





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