Highly Deformable Shotcrete Lining—Design and Experience

International Journal of Geomechanics
The International Journal of Geomechanics (IJOG) focuses on geomechanics with emphasis on theoretical aspects, including computational and analytical methods and related validations. Applications of interdisciplinary...

Modeling and Simulation of Concrete Materials

Wastewater Trickling Filter Sinkhole Remediation with Limited Mobility Displacement Grouting

Use of Engineering Geophysics to Investigate a Site for a Bridge Foundation

Behaviour of Early-Age Shotcrete

Core Bits: Call for Nominations; Geo-Odyssey Luncheon to Honor Professor James K. Mitchell; Finite Elements in Geotechnical Engineering; XVth International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering; Soil Behavior and Soft Ground Construcion; SGI Database - A New Benefit of ISSMGE Membership; Call for Technical Committee Members; Call for Papers - Grouting and Ground Treatment 2003; The International Deep Foundations Congress Down to Earth Technology; USUCGER News; ADSC Awards Osterberg Lifetime Achievement Award; JGGE Republication Policy

Post-Yield Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Membrane Elements—The Hsu/Zhu Ratios

Behavior of Soft Singapore Marine Clay Treated with Cement

Load Transfer Behavior of Soil-Cement Columns in Soft Ground

Evaluation of Asphalt Pavement Performance Using LTPP Temperature and Deflection Data

Evaluation of Axial Compression Behavior of Micropiles

Some Effects of Soil Heterogeneity on Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations

Cyclic Behavior of Three-Dimensional Partially-Restrained Composite Connections
This paper describes the test of a full-scale, bi-directional, PR composite beam-to-column connection. The PR connection consisted of continuous reinforcement bars across the column and...

Entire Load-Displacement Characteristics for Direct Shear Failure of Concrete

Mechanical Properties of Early Age Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete

Development and Validation of Mechanistic Coefficients for Flexible Pavement Structures Designed by AASHTO Guide

Structural Lumber from Small-Diameter Western U.S. Softwood Trees
The purpose of this study was to determine the mechanical properties, and corresponding economic value, of dimension lumber produced from selected over-stocked forest stands of small-diameter...

Moment Resisting Steel Frames—Background to Present Problems

The Determination of Soil Strength for a Stability Analysis





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