Short and Long Wave Transformation Modelling in a Large Scale Flume

A Surfzone Parameter Sensitivity Analysis on LIP11D Suspended Sediment and Return Flow Measurements

Wave Reflection: Field Measurements, Analysis and Theoretical Developments

Permeability Measurements for the Modelling of Wave Action On and In Porous Structures

Wave Measurement Near Reflective Structures

Large Scale Measurements of Near Surface Orbital Velocities in Laboratory Waves by Using a Surface Following Device

Tide- and Stormdriven Sediment Transport on the Inner-Shelf Along the Dutch Coast

Sediment Transport Measurements in Combined Wave-Current Flows

Shingle Movement Under Waves & Currents: An Instrumented Platform for Field Data Collection

Advances in the Characterization of Cement Clinker

Fundamentals and Advancements in Hydraulic Measurements and Experimentation
This proceedings, Fundamentals and Advancements in Hydraulic Measurements and Experimentation, contains papers presented at the Symposium held...

Temporary Shoring Support Systems in an Urban Environment

Performance Summary of the Tanque Verde Project-Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls

NDE for Steel Bridges

Vessel Positioning, Survey Controls and Dredge Monitoring Systems

A Piezoelectric Sediment Density Probe

Integrated Acoustic Seafloor Characterization

Factors Affecting Degradation of Clay Masses

A Modern Electric Stepgauge for Accurate Wave and Tide Measurement

Silent Inspector - An Aid to Dredge Inspection





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