Modeling Temperature Impacts on Salmon Survival
Among research goals at the University of California-Davis are the development and application of mathematical models to study water quality impacts on threatened and endangered species....

Object-oriented Model of Colorado River Salinity
A salt balance is incorporated into an object-oriented river-basin model and applied to the Colorado River. The model simulates seasonal variations in the basin's water balance and employs...

Recent Advances In Well Hydraulics
Most books and papers on well hydraulics are mostly or entirely aquifer hydraulics. The phrase, 'well hydraulics,' implies a study of the flow into and within a well proper. There has...

Locking Into Success
In 1961, at Wheeler Lock in Alabama, crews with the Tennessee Valley Authority tried to incorporate an existing lock wall into a new cofferdam. A major portion of the land wall slid about...

A Tank Moisture Model (TAMMO) for Describing Neutroan Scan Data

Isotopic Tracers of Gold Deposition in Paleozoic Limestones, Southern Nevada

A Borehole Instrumentation Program for Characterization of Unsaturated-Zone Percolation

A Gas Sampling System for Withdrawing Humid Gases From Deep Boreholes

Migration of Conservative and Poorly Sorbing Tracers in Granite Fractures

In Situ Stress Determination Research Study

Unsaturated Flow Experiment with Phase Change—The Heat Pipe Effect

Stochastic Modeling of Spatial Heterogeneities Conditioned to Hydraulic and Tracer Tests

How Should the Migration and Retardation of Colloids be Characterized?

Results of Prototype Borehole Instrumentation at the Hydrologic Research Facility, Area 25, NTS

Filling of Pipelines with Undulating Profiles

Flow Analysis Used to Diagnose Pipe Capacity and Sewer Overflow Problems in Sydney, Australia

Data and Prediction Request for the Spread Footing Prediction Event

Addendums to the Prediction Package

A GIS Foundation Example
A primary network of geodetic control monuments was developed with static GPS measurements. These monuments are tied to the existing Florida High Precision Network....

Predicting Shallow Foundation Settlement in Sands from DMT
The dilatometer test is ideal for predicting the settlement of shallow foundations. It directly measures a modulus of the soil and has been correlated to predict stress history. Recently,...





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