On the Cutting Edge
Smart materials, innovative monitoring systems and sensors, exotic tunnel-boring machines, and self-sustaining treatment systems are among the latest technology advancements that are helping...

Coastal Wave Measurement and Forecast System: Preliminary Results and Model Selection

Natural Tracers of Coastal Sediments
The properties of natural sediments can be used to determine their sources and to trace their transport paths through coastal environments. These properties include the mineralogies of...

Wireless Warnings
Formwork failures cause dozens of construction-related deaths per year, but most can be avoided by adequate monitoring. The problem is, most monitors must be hard-wired to a computer on...

Advances and Retreats in Geotechnical Measurements

Monitoring the Fresh Kills Landfill (Available in the Geoenvironmental Special Section only)
A unique system has been developed to assess the stability of the Fresh Kills Landfill, in New York City, using more than 260 geotechnical instruments and automatic processes. The system...

Guidelines for Instrumentation and Measurements for Monitoring Dam Performance
Prepared by the Task Committee on Instrumentation and Monitoring Dam Performance of the Hydropower Committee of the Energy Division of ASCE. This report...

Status of Scour Instrumentation Development

Development of Bridge-Scour Instrumentation for Inspection and Maintenance Personnel

Instrumentation for Detailed Bridge-Scour Measurements

Bridge Scour Instrumentation

Demonstration Project for Scour Instrumentation

Instrumentation for Field Measurement of Abutment Scour

Laboratory Evaluation of a Conductivity Probe for Scour Monitoring

Evaluation of Selected Instruments for Monitoring Scour at Bridges in New York

Scour Monitoring at Johns Pass and Nassau Sound, Florida
Scour monitoring instruments were installed on two bridges spanning tidal inlets in Florida as part of a research project to develop scour instrumentation. Previous prototype installations...

Impact of Scour Monitoring and Instrumentation in the United States

Innovative Instrumentation Techniques for Detecting and Measuring the Effects of Sediment Scour Under Ice

Fixed Instrumentation for Monitoring Scour at Bridges

Scour Monitoring at Johns Pass and Nassau Sound, Florida





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