Unit Cell Analysis of 3-D Graphitic Textile-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites

Airport Modeling and Simulation: An Overview

Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow
This text is designed to make a deliberate effort to extend the modern fluid mechanics approach into the analysis of open channel flow without necessarily requiring the use of advanced...

How Creative Engineers Think
Engineering giants think in a non-traditional way, combining scientific thinking with creative thinking, which results in technological thought. The author gives examples of how Gustave...

Morphodynamic Modeling of Shoreface Bars

A Matrix Approach for Assessing Biosolids Stability

Bacteria Movement in Soil Matrix, Macropores, and Partially Blocked Macropores

An Analysis of Grid Convergence for the Dynamic Grid Adaptation Technique Applied to the Propagation of Internal Waves

Comprehensive Optimization for Operation Division of Labor of Yards at Two-way Marshaling Station

A Study on Top Sealing Slit of Reversed Tainter Valves and Its Application

Modelisation of Solute Transport in Non-Saturated Porous Media

Electrokinetic Remediation of Groundwater and Soil Polluted by Heavy Metal

Experimental Inversion for Lateral-Rocking Impedance Matrix

Creating a Very Large Area DTM for Universal Access

Performance-Based Design Methods for Fire Resistance

Pavement Distress Level Prediction Using Multi-BPANNS Techniques

Integration of Computational Software into Engineering Education

Architecture and Design of the ALADDIN Matrix and Finite Element Environment

Compaction Grouting: From Practice to Theory

Mapping Convergence: GIS Joins the Enterprise
While utilities and telecommunications companies have led the way in maximizing GIS's potential, some progressive municipalities are now incorporating GIS into every aspect...





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