Random Vibration Analysis of Dynamic Systems with Frequency Dependent Parameters or Fractional Derivatives

Optimization of Functionally Graded Metal Matrix Composite Tubes

Air-Supported Roof Redux
Long-span, low profile, air-supported roofs have been dramatic additions to a dozen public arenas built in the 1970s and early 1980s. The advantages of these roofs were overshadowed by...

Developing Construction Database Models

Integrated Solid Waste Management: 1. Mathematical Modeling

Integrated Solid Waste Management: 2. Decision Support System

Computer Aided Project Decision Making

Alteration of Spent Fuel Matrix Under Unsaturated Water Conditions

Operation of Recharge Basin Systems: An Optimal Control Approach

The Optimization of Spreading Ground Operations

Transfer Matrix Technique and Pipe Structural Analysis

A Safer Earthquake Design Code After NorthRidge
Three recent killer California earthquakes have demonstrated serious deficiencies in our current building codes. As they do after all such events, officials in California and other states...

Mathematically Modeling the Transport of Hazardous Air Pollutants from Multiple Sources

Modelling of the Transport of Acid and Copper in Tailings Based on the USGS MOC Model

Modeling and Seismic Risk Analysis of Networks

Soil Variability Effects in Watershed Runoff

A Perspective on Sediment Research in China

Mathematical Theory and Numerical Methods for the Modeling of Wetland Hydraulics

Holistic Approach to Hydrological Modelling and Hydrologic Monitoring Systems Design

Performance Curves for Border Irrigation





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