Surface Reactivity of High Level Waste Matrices Characterized by Radiometric Emanation Method

A Finite Element Analysis of Mach Reflection by Using the Boussinesq Equation
The numerical analysis of Mach reflection, which is the reflection of an obliquely incident solitary wave by a vertical wail, is presented in this paper. For the mathematical model in...

Predicting THM Formation with Artificial Neural Networks
An existing mathematical model to predict trihalomethane formation and speciation was enhanced through the use of artificial neural network technology. The model corresponded well with...

Zonification of Areas with Inundation Risk by Means of Mathematical Modeling in the Rosario Region, Argentina
Water course flood valleys are often being subjected to processes of urbanization that take place in several big cities of the world. Therefore, urban planning strategies based on hydric...

A Combined Physical and Mathematical Modeling Scheme for Kapichira Hydropower Project, Malawi
A physical model and a mathematical model were used to study the flow patterns in a reservoir having a complicated bathymetry. The physical model measurements were compared with the predictions...

Near Field Modeling
Results of near field modeling of the wastefield formed by the Sand Island, Honolulu, ocean sewage outfall are presented. Over 20,000 simulations were run with the mathematical model RSB...

Coupled Processes of Gas Hydrates Dissociation and Fluid Filtration in Saturated Porous Media

Magnetic Fluid Dynamics of Blood Flow

Reduction of Structural Response by Energy Dissipation Devices Modelled on Shape Memory Materials

Modulated Waves in Porous Media Saturated by Liquid and Gas

A Model of the Juncture Vortex

Solving Mathematical Programming Problems Using Genetic Algorithms

Mathematical Techniques & Software for Stochastic Design Optimization

Prediction of Concrete Cracking Under Coupled Shrinkage and Creep Conditions

Validation of a Model for Cross-Shore Sediment Transport

Dissolution of NAPLs Entrapped in Heterogeneous Porous Media

Transition from Brittle to Quasi-Brittle Behavior in Fiber Reinforced Brittle Matrix Composites

An Alternative Linearization Method

Estimating Demand Variability

Challenges in Computational Mechanics Applied to Offshore Engineering





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