A Decision Support System for Pavement Maintenance Prioritization

Architecture and Design of the ALADDIN Matrix and Finite Element Environment

An Enhanced Kalman Filtering Algorithm for Dynamic Freeway OD Matrix Estimation and Prediction

A Log-Linear Model for Path Flow Estimation

2D Velocity Distributions in Nearshore Currents

Beach Profile Evolution Under Mean Conditions

Mathematical Modelling of Coastal Morphodynamics Near a Tidal Inlet System

Behaviour-Oriented Models of Shoreface Evolution

Matrix First Cracking Strength in Continuous Fiber Cement Composites

Spatial Spring Runoff Modeling in a River Basin for Purpose of Forecasting

Automatized System of Runoff Forecasting for the Amudarya River Basin

The Impact of Numerical Precision on Optimal Groundwater Hydraulic Control
The numerical precision retained in the formulation of groundwater hydraulic control optimization problems can have significant impacts on the accuracy of the solution. Sources of imprecision...

Application of the Newton Method in Valve Discharge Coefficient Relationships
This paper presents a methodology that utilizes the Newton Method to compute the dimensionless valve discharge coefficient Cd from a manufacturers valve discharge coefficient Cv. The implicit...

Game Model Approach to Multi-Purpose/Multi-Objective Water Resources Related Environmental Protection Project Planning and Management in Developing Nations: A Nigerian Example
The best has not been realised from water resources related environmental protection projects in Nigeria due to problems militating against such projects at the planning, management and...

Geochemical Modeling of Lead in Vadose Zone
In recent years, researchers have used multicomponent reactive transport models to study the mobility of potentially toxic heavy metals in the subsurface. In this study, such a mathematical...

Application of Mathematical Models for Flood Forecasting in Sri Lanka
With the introduction of microcomputers, the application of mathematical models in water-resources planning and forecasting became increasingly popular during the last decade in Sri Lanka....

Hysteresis Effect of Karst Vadose Zone in Spring Kr5, Mt. Kräuterin, Austria
Hysteresis effect is considerable in Spring Kr5, involving a chain of processes of recharge-infiltration-discharge. The lag time of each process to another can be briefly summarized and...

X-ray Radiography of Fracture Flow and Matrix Imbibition

Biosphere Model for Assessing Doses from Nuclear Waste Disposal

A Norm-Based Approach to the Quantification of Model Uncertainty





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