Forensic Engineering: Tendon Failure Raises Questions about Grout in Posttensioned Bridges

NewsBriefs: New Circuitry to be Printed on Flexible Plastic (USA Today)

NewsBriefs: Controlled Shrinkage or Urban Decline (The Wall Street Journal Online)

Corebits: Industry News — Former Professor and Soil Mechanics Pioneer Dies; EEGS Announces Dates for SAGEEP; GRI Call for Titles and Papers; Geological Society of America (GSA) Call for Papers; ICEA Announces new ICEA Board Members and Scholarship winners; Nicholson Announces new Owner Soletanche Bachy; 11th Annual Finite Elements in Geotechnical Engineering Short Course March 27-29, 2006 Colorado School of Mines – Golden, CO; Roctest Wins mine Contract

Materials: Washington State to Study Quieter Pavement Technologies

Corebits: Geo-Institute News — GeoCongress 2006...It's a Success!; Looking for a Speaker?; Shrink-Swell Soils Short Course (endorsed by the Geo-Institute of ASCE); Governor-Elect Nominees; Call for Abstracts for New GSP; Look at these 3 New G-I Offerings; Asphalt Concrete — Simulation, Modeling, and Experimental Characterization; Geotechnical Application for Transportation Infrastructure; G-I Thanks Former Geo-strata Publisher

Materials: Lumber Made of Recycled Plastic Prevents Marine Borer Damage

Policy Briefing: Water Resources Bill Passes Senate, Heads to Conference

CoreBits: Geo-Institute News — Geo-Denver 2007; First North American Landslide Conference Landslide and Society: Integrated Science, Engineering, Management, and Mitigation; New Technical Region Director's Report; Member Responds to ASCE Letter to Corps of Engineers; Need for One-Day Short Courses and Webinars From G-I Members; Grad Students: Join With Others to Help Your Career; 3 New GSPs from the Proceedings of the GeoShanghai Conference; XIII PanAmerican Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

Materials: High-Performance Steel Employed in Load-Bearing Bridge Components

Concrete Biaxial Column: Composite Circular Column
This chapter discusses the tabulation of composite circular column data in Microsoft Excel....

Strength Design in Aluminum
A Review of Three Codes
Prepared by the Task Committee on Strength Design in Aluminum of the Committee on Special Structures of the Committee on Metals of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. ...

On the Inelastic Design of Steel I Girder Bridges
This paper documents the development of a relatively easy to use set of effective plastic moment expressions and compares the performance of these equations with a series of experimental...

In the Field: FRP Concrete Hybrid Proves Worth in Bridge Replacement

In The Field: Iron Truss Bridges Are Works of Art, Engineering Student Says

Materials: Flexible Concrete Tested on Bridge Deck

In the Field: Polymeric Structures as Low-Cost Biohazard Sensors

Construction: Plastic Bubbles Lighten Concrete Deck

NewsBriefs: Navy Joins Forces With M Ship Company For New Boat Design (

NewsBriefs: Army Rids Aberdeen Proving Ground Of Mustard Agent (U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency)





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