Improved Accuracy of Thermal Source Terms for Thermal Load Predictions

Hydrothermal Analyses at the Waste-Package Scale for a Potential High-Level Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain

Joint Spacing Criterion for Equivalent Continuum Model

Comparison of Mass Size Distribution and Flux of Sulfate and Nitrate in Urban and Non-Urban Areas

Oxygen Transport in an In-Situ Bioremediation Application

Coupling Between Water Chemistry and Thermal Output at Unsaturated Repositories

Computer Methods for Settlement Analyses of Piles

Experimental Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Over Drift-Emplaced Canisters

Simulation of Heat Transfer Around a Canister Placed Horizontally in a Drift

Implication of Waste Package Heat Output Distributions Resulting From Waste Stream Variability

Heat Transfer Modeling in Burial Sites Containing Heat-Generating Waste

Coupled Mass-Transport and Chemical-Equilibrium Modelling of Bronze Disease

Construction Monitoring Activities in the ESF Starter Tunnel

Liquid Infiltration Through the Boiling-Point Isotherm in a Desiccating Fractured Rock Matrix

Thermosyphon Analysis of a Repository: A Simplified Model for Vapor Flow and Heat Transfer

Pressure-Driven Gas Flow in Heated, Partially-Saturated Porous Media

Comparison of Coupled Thermal-Mechanical-Hydrological Analysis of a Fractured Rock Mass

Automatic, Remote, Multiplexed Geotechnical Measurements with Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) has been employed successfully in geotechnical applications such as monitoring of rock mass deformation in a variety of geometries; however, required operation...

An Object-Oriented Approach to PC Finite-Element Solutions
A methodology for developing a finite-element program with a variety of applications within civil engineering is presented. Application include simple structural analysis, groundwater...

A Real-Time Graphical Interface to a Two-Dimensional Groundwater Flow and Mass Transport Model
This paper describes the implementation of a graphical interface to the U.S. Geological Survey's Method of Characteristics (MOC) groundwater flow and mass transport model....





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