Rates of Release of PAHs from DNAPL Mixtures

Rate-Controlled Micellar Solubilization of an LNAPL in Aquifer Materials

Leaching of PCBs from a NAPL Entrapped in Porous Media

Multicomponent NAPL Composition Dynamics and Risk

Analysis of the Gasoline Spill at East Patchogue, New York

Evaluation of a Bedrock DNAPL Pool Site

The Effects of Construction Joint in Mass Concrete

Thermal Management with Ventilation

Simulation of Dissolved Oxygen in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
A one-dimensional model has been developed to simulate water quality in a complex multi-channel estuarine system. The model utilizes a Lagrangian reference frame for transport computations....

Natural Ventilation of an Exothermic Waste Repository

Localization of Inelastic Deformation in Elasto-Plastic Pore Solids Saturated by Liquid

Loss of Contaminants from Soil During Runoff Events

New Trends in Biomechanics

Probabilistic Site Characterization Strategy for Natural Variability Assessment of Rock Mass Properties

Study of Effect of Joint Geometry Parameters on the Permeability of Jointed Rock

Evolving Fracture Arrays and Associated Changes in Rock Mass Properties

The Large Block Test, A Progress Report

Gasgeodynamical Method for the Assessment of Rock Massif for Raw Disposal

Numerical Analysis of a Proposed Percolation Experiment at The Peña Blanca Natural Analog Site

Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection About Drift-Emplaced Waste Canisters





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