Key Inspection Considerations of Loadbearing Concrete Masonry

Report on Engineering Foundation Conference on Composite Construction

Behavior of Long-Span Composite Joists

Creep Modelling for Masonry under Plane Strain
A computational procedure based on the principle of superposition to estimate creep strains in composite masonry walls is developed and presented in this paper. This development is based...

U.S.-Japan Coordinated Program on Masonry Research
An overview of the U. S. -Japan Coordinated Program on Masonry Research is presented. The program consists of parallel efforts in Japan and the United States to develop design methods...

Earthquake Response of Five Story Reinforced Concrete Masonry Test Building
In 1986, a full-scale five story reinforced masonry test building is to be constructed in the Japan Building Research Institute Large-Scale Structure Test Laboratory, and through 1987...

Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Masonry Walls and Beams
Many reinforced masonry walls and beams were tested as a part of the U. S. -Japan cooperative research program on masonry building structures. Six concrete block and two clay brick masonry...

Analysis of Masonry Veneer and Steel Stud Walls

A Nonlinear Dynamic Constitutive Model for Masonry

Loss of Prestress in Post-Tensioned Hollow Masonry Walls

Strength Analysis of Composite Walls

Temperature and Creep Stresses in Composite Masonry Walls

Advances in Analysis of Structural Masonry
The papers in this book were presented at the technical session, Advances in Analysis of Structural Masonry, at the ASCE Structures Congress '86 held in New Orleans, LA, on...

The Basics of Water-Resistant Brick Walls
Water-resistant masonry walls of burned clay or shale brick are the result of a conscious effort to produce them, by everyone involved in their creation. Furthermore, owner maintenance...

Avoiding Cracks in Brickwork
Many aspects of movement and differential movement have been discussed. However, other movements and effects of movement that have not been discussed may also affect the performance of...

A Component Failure Criterion for Blockwork in Flexure

Lateral Resistance of a Two-Story Block Building

Analytical Investigation of Corner Cracking in Brick Masonry Veneer

Stress-Strain Behavior of Grouted Hollow Unit Masonry
Experimental results from axial stress-strain tests including post-peak response on hollow unit masonry prisms are compared to those of previous researchers....

Look Back and Learn
The cancellations of some nuclear power plants are being attributed in part to cost overruns due to construction-related problems. The experienced civil construction engineer involved...





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