Landsat Image Processing and Mapping Techniques and Their Utility for Civil Engineering Applications (Abstract)

Washington's Automated Coastal Data Base: The Coastal Zone Atlas

Issues in Mapping Atlantic Coastal Ecological Data

Making Maps by Computer°City and Utilities Team Up in Pioneer Effort
There is heavy duplication of map making and maintenance—as many as 68 different maps of the same area were counted in the Vancouver, Canada, suburb of Burnaby. This, and the fact that...

Mapping America is Never-Ending Task for USGS
For its first topographic surveys, begun in 1879, USGS measured distances by counting revolutions of a wheel, ran traverses by chain and compass, and used a barometer to determine elevations....

Confined Separated Flow Past a Normal Flat Plate

Statistical Analysis of Geotechnical Records

Coastal Mapping Papers

450 Miles of Rail Line Mapped in Nine Months
Working under one of the largest single contracts for survey services ever awarded, two Washington, D.C. survey companies lead a group of thirteen land and aerial survey firms in mapping...

Coal Haul Road Research and Mapping

Coastal Zone Mapping: A Topographic/Bathymetric and Bathymetric Approach

Topographic Maps for Coastal Area Management

Cartographic Data Requirements in Coastal Areas

Recorded Signatures of Actual Exposed Discontinuities

The National Ocean Survey Coastal Mapping Program

Seasonal Aerial Photographic Mapping of Galveston Island

Hawaii Wetlands Mapping

Making Maps by Computer
For making maps, digitizer-computer-plotter systems are increasingly popular. Here are case histories of three applications—by Brooklyn (New York City) Union Gas. Co. for keeping track...

Structural Model Study of MAPP-1 Containment

City's Topographic Mapping System Saves Time, Money and is More Accurate
The city of Elgin, Ill. purchased its own topographic mapping system called Topo-Plan. The system consists of an aerial photo base map plus a transparent overlay showing 2-ft (0.60-m)...





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