British Meandering Rivers: The Human Impact

Map Uses, Scales and Accuracies for Engineering and Associated Purposes
This publication is designed to aid engineers and others in obtaining maps suitable for use in engineering and associated work. Such maps must have the proper contour interval, map scale,...

Water Quality Monitoring of Eastern Sicily's Coastal Zone near Taormina Using Remote Sensing Techniques

The Use of a GIS for Gulf of Mexico Wetland Change

Trends in Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Wetlands

Anchorage Wetlands Management Plan

Rates of Coastal Bluff Retreat: Pismo Beach, California

Operational Oil Spill Detection and Mapping

Tidelands Ownership and Management: The Public Interest and Private Property Rights in New Jersey

Coordination for Coastal Hazard Response

Historical and Projected Shoreline Mapping

On the Derivation of Harmonic and Neutral Holes

Geology and Soil Properties of Winnipeg

Analysis of Flooding in the 12 Towns Sewer System

Journal of Surveying Engineering
The Journal of Surveying Engineering covers the broad spectrum of surveying and mapping activities encountered in modern practice. It includes traditional areas such as construction surveys, control surveys,...

Surface Contour Radar Remote Sensing of Waves

Statistics of Local Motions on a Ship

Analysis and Design in Residual Soils

Seismic Hazards: A State Government Perspective

Quantifying Hazards Information for Lifelines





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