Coastal Sensitivity Mapping: A Tool for Forward Planning

Erosion and Washover in Coastal Louisiana
In 1985 three hurricanes affected the barrier coastline (Caminada-Moreau Headland) of Louisiana. These produced severe coastal erosion and rapid washover extension. Using the 1979 U.S.G.S....

South Carolina's Approach for Evaluating and Updating the National Wetlands Inventory

Managing Island Landscapes

Digital Mapping of Mangroves in Middle Andamans of India

Earth Observing System and Coral Reef Fisheries

A Coastal Management Database for East Anglia

Eco System Analysis—Ocean Resource Study in Indian Ocean Off Rameswaram Coast Through Remote Sensing Technique

Quantitative Monitoring of the Coastal Environment Along Kiel Bay, Southwestern Baltic Sea, With Respect to Tourism and Recreation

Environmental Evaluation of the Coastal Area of Marciá District: A Methodological Essay
This paper is part of an integrated study of the coastal environment of the county of Marica, Rio de Janeiro, where the environmental alterations of the urban expansion phenomenon were...

Integrated Information Systems, The Key to Coastal Zone Management

An Ecological Inventory and Analysis of the Lee County Florida Coastal Zone and Recommendations for Future Resource Management

The Dozen Best Roadblocks to Automation (and How to Plow Through Them)

Dynamic Maps for Seismic Risk Reduction and Effects of Soil Conditions
In order to perform useful vulnerability and risk evaluations, it is essential to have at one's disposal an automatic procedure of elaboration which provides answers in real time as soon...

Introducing Geostatistics—Estimating Spatial Data
The theory of regionalized variables commonly known as geostatistics is now being applied throughout the community of engineering and sciences. Measurements taken at different locations,...

Partial Area, Variable Source, Rainfall Runoff Model Utilizing Digital Mapping
A partial area, variable source hydrologic rainfall/runoff model, called MAPHYD, was developed utilizing digital maps, interactive computer graphics, and several infiltration mechanisms....

Recognizing Liquefaction Hazard
Technique for assessing liquefaction hazard are considered herein: Methods for compiling regional opportunity maps are reviewed and a crude national map is developed. Compilation of regional...

Source Tracing of Toxicants in Storm Drains
Sources of toxic chemicals in storm drains are often difficult to locate and even more difficult to control. Receiving environment chemistry, storm drainage maps, land use information,...

Use of a Geographic Information System as a Tool for Making Land Use Management Decisions for Coastal Wetlands in a State Regulatory Program
The Coastal Management Division of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources is responsible for protecting and managing activities which occur in wetlands. As a tool for making decisions...

Tidal Marshland Elevations in San Francisco Bay, California: Historic Accounts and Surveying Results (abstract)
The task of determining public agency jurisdiction in present and/or former tidal marshlands of San Francisco Bay is of importance in land use decisions and wetlands conservation. Jurisdiction...





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