Mapping Ground-Water Sodium Adsorption Ratios in Northern Louisiana
High sodium concentration is suspected as the cause of several crop failures in the northern part of Louisiana. This study, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, was undertaken...

Improvements to Mapping of Alluvial Fan Flooding
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is responsible for identifying floodplains for the National Flood Insurance Program, is working to refine its assistance to engineers...

Multi-Date Image Analyses Used for Determining Flood Area Impacts in the Saginaw River Basin, Michigan
During the months of September and October 1986, a series of storms swept across the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. These heavy downpours caused $400 million worth of flood damages. Significant...

Application of Geological Information to Arizona Flood Hazard Assessment
Hydrological modeling procedures applied to regulatory flood-hazard zonation can be misapplied when assumptions concerning flood-hazardous processes are violated. Geomorphological mapping...

Land Use Change and Soil Erosion Hazard in the Zambezi Basin
An experimental model for estimating soil erosion hazard in southern Africa (SLEMSA) was linked to a raster based Geographical Information System. Soil erosion hazard maps were constructed...

Observations of Lateral Instabilities on an Upper Ocean Density Front

The Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill: Satellite Analyses

GIS in Water Resources: An Historical Perspective

Partial Area, Variable Source Concepts Applied to Hydrologic Processes Utilizing Digital Mapping

Eco System Analysis—Ocean Resource Study in Indian Ocean Off Rameswaram Coast Through Remote Sensing Technique

Coastal Sensitivity Mapping: A Tool for Forward Planning

An Ecological Inventory and Analysis of the Lee County Florida Coastal Zone and Recommendations for Future Resource Management

A Coastal Management Database for East Anglia

Integrated Information Systems, The Key to Coastal Zone Management

Implementing Area Designations in the Fraser River Estuary

Methods of Historical Shoreline Analysis

Use of Digital Data Sources for Coastal Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping

Monitoring of the Coastal Environments by Means of a Remote Controlled Balloon-Borne Camera (LAP-Technique)

Quantitative Monitoring of the Coastal Environment Along Kiel Bay, Southwestern Baltic Sea, With Respect to Tourism and Recreation

Ocean Management in Danish Waters





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