Present and Future Status of Hazardous Waste at SIUC

Process Assessment for Treatment of an EP-Toxic Sludge

Superfund Site Sludge/Soil Treatability Studies

Feasible Alternatives for Remediation of a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Site

Implementation of a Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program for Monmouth County, New Jersey

Floodplain Management for Alluvial Fan Areas
Because current National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations do not address the special floodplain management requirements of Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) on alluvial fans,...

Flood Hazard Delineation on Alluvial Fans
Alluvial fans are significant geomorphic features of arid lands. The unconfined and dynamic nature of alluvial fans makes standard methods of delineating flood hazards unsuitable. The...

Piedmont-Fan Flood Hazard Analysis From Geomorphology and Surface Water Hydrology, Hudspeth County, Texas
A 2-mi2 (5.2 km2) site selected by the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority was technically...

Multiple Phenomena of Debris-Flow Processes: A Challenge for Hazard Assessments
Hazardous hydraulic processes associated with arid environments commonly repesent significant risks to the safety of the public. However, the public generally considers these risks to...

Application of Geological Information to Arizona Flood Hazard Assessment
Hydrological modeling procedures applied to regulatory flood-hazard zonation can be misapplied when assumptions concerning flood-hazardous processes are violated. Geomorphological mapping...

Remediation of the Couchville Pike Superfund Site to Facilitate Airport Expansion

Entrenched Channels and Alluvial Fan Flooding
Because the individual flood paths on alluvial fans are unpredictable, determining flood hazards on such landforms is hindered by particular complications. The proper framework in which...

Next-Generation Local Scale Hydromet Forecasting System
Research and development work is being conducted for the National Weather Service on a new-generation flash flood monitoring and forecasting computer workstation. The workstation represents...

Hydrologic Aspects of Flood Warning—Preparedness Programs
A reliable flood-threat recognition system is a vital component of a sound flood warning-preparedness program. Fundamental questions associated with the development of a flood-threat recognition...

Detoxification of Hazardous Substances Via In-vessel Composting

Attenuating Materials in Composite Liners

Environmental Engineering Education for Groundwater Contamination and Hazardous Waste

GIS and Environmental Disaster Management: World Prodigy Oil Spill

Risk Analysis and Management of Natural and Technological Hazards: A Social/Behavioral Science Perspective

Intermedia Transfer of Groundwater Contaminants Via Air Stripping





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