Advanced Concepts in Cement Solidification and Stabilization Technology

Reliability and Validity of Modeling Sedimentation and Debris Flow Hazards Over Initially Dry Areas
Extreme floods may inundate populated areas of a river valley that are normally dry. Two-dimensional flow analysis is a useful method for predicting the spatial and temporal behavior of...

Benefits of Hazard Mitigation Planning to Reduce Shoreline Impacts Due to Great Lakes Water Level Management Fluctuations and Severe Storms
Recent experience with flood hazard mitigation planning that encompassed aspects of pre-disaster preparedness and recovery operations have proven to be an effective tool in geographic...

Analysis of the Causes and Triggering Events of Disastrous Torrent Flood
A disastrous torrent flood on the Vlasina River of 26 June 1988 was of unprecedented intensity in Yugoslavia. The catchment area affected by the catastrophe covered more than 1000 km2...

Problems of Stream Flood Simulation and Prediction
The article presents a report on the natural flooding in a stream and the problems encountered when simulating and predicting stream floods. The complexity of flood characteristics, the...

Where is the Pendulum Now? Do We Really Know?

Redefining the Roles Insurers and Engineers Play in Hurricane Preparedness and Mitigation

Catastrophic Hurricanes May Become Frequent Events in Caribbean and Along the United States East and Gulf Coasts

Standardizing Wind Measurements for Documentation of Surface Wind Fields in Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Iniki and Typhoon Omar Meteorology

Reducing the Risks of Severe Windstorm Disaster; an International Perspective

Critical Issues in Post Disaster Code Enforcement

Erosion Hazards and Coastal Construction Deficiencies Observed on Kauai After Hurricane Iniki

Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VI
This proceedings, Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VI, contains edited papers presented at the sixth Engineering Foundation Conference...

In-Situ Treatment of Hazardous Sediment

Risk of Extreme and Catastrophic Events
Assessing the extreme tails of a probability distribution, where events of very low probability can nevertheless lead to catastrophic outcomes, is one of the most widely discussed and...

Negotiating Equity for Management of DOE Wastes

Disaster Debris Management and Diversion from Hurricane Iniki

Environmental Effects of Flooding at a USCG Base
In July of 1993, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Base St. Louis facility was flooded. As the flood waters receded and cleanup efforts were initiated, a number of environmental issues had to...

The Present State-of-the-Art of Immobilization of Hazardous Heavy Metals in Cement-Based Materials





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