An Overview of the Accident Response Mobile Manipulation System (ARMMS)
The development of a high mobility platform integrated with high strength manipulation is under development at Sandia National Laboratories. The mobility platform used is a High Mobility...

Robotics and Automation for Environmental Screening and Characterization

Modeling of Interaction of Small Particulates in Earth Orbit
The hazards posed by small debris is an area of increasing concern for all space systems. Depending on the size and relative encounter velocity of small particulates, there are a variety...

Tentative Provisions for the Development of Seismic Regulations for Buildings

Averaging Time and Maximum Speeds in Hurricanes
This paper discuses wind speed data obtained during Hurricane Andrew around Miami International Airport, at six anemometer locations which make up the wind shear warning network. Data...

Procedures for Evaluating the Effects of Sedimentation on Flood Hazards in Urbanized Areas in the Southwestern U.S.
Urbanization of watersheds in the arid Southwestern U.S. creates problems for resource agencies and design engineers. Traditional analytical techniques that are generally applicable to...

San Diego County Water Authority's Emergency Storage Project Supplying Water During Natural Disasters
The San Diego County Water Authority (Authority) is developing the Emergency Storage Project (ESP) to improve the dependability of the County's water supplies during a natural disaster...

Voluntary vs. Directed Siting – Or Somewhere In-Between?

Toward Integrated Design of Waste Management Technologies

Effects of Policy and Other Changes on Transuranic Waste Disposal at WIPP

Remote Infrared System for Scanning Hazardous Waste Tanks

Emergency Response Preparedness Analysis for Radioactive Materials Transportation

Yucca Mountain: A Potential Trade-Off in Radiological Hazards

Staff Technical Position on Consideration of Fault Displacement Hazards in Geologic Repository Design

A Performance Goal-Based Seismic Design Philosophy for Waste Repository Facilities

Decision-Making Paradigm for Risk Assessment of Hazardous Wastes Using Fuzzy Sets
This paper summarizes the development of a risk assessment framework to provide risk-cost policy alternatives to prioritize remediation actions for hazardous wastes. The framework is a...

Flood Loss Assessment with Integrated Measures
In most cases, the maximum flood loss reduction can be achieved only by an optimal combination of both structural and nonstructural measures. An integrative approach that combines the...

Risk Management Strategies for Natural, Manmade, and Technological Hazards
The paper summarizes the fourth session of the conference which discussed risk assessment approaches in bio/chemical hazards; specific studies on people's behavior and views of natural...

Risk Management Strategies for Natural, Manmade, and Technological Hazards
The sixth session featured three important applications of risk and reliability analysis in water resources planning. Papers were presented on incentives to use reliability and risk analysis...

Environmental Uses of Cement in Waste Conditioning





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