Gas Leaks, Gas-Related Fires, and Performance of Seismic Gas Shutoff Valves During the Northridge Earthquake

Post Earthquake Scenario

An Evaluation of Frequency Distributions for Flood Hazard Analysis

Development of a Drought Warning System for Indiana

Coping with EPA's Storm Water Permit for Hazardous Waste Facilities, Industrial Landfills, Wastewater Treatment Plants, and Recyclers

Effect of Geomorphic Hazards on Bridge Reliability

The Great Flood of 1994: The Disaster that Did Not Happen

Hazard Rating for Low Drops

Hydraulic Efficiency of Highway Curb Flumes

Some Lessons Learned During the Great Flood of 1993

Development of a Regional 3-D Groundwater Modeling System for the Savannah River Nuclear Site, South Carolina

A Graphical Environment for Three-Dimensional Finite Element Groundwater Modeling

Seismic Design Guide for Natural Gas Distributors
This monograph presents an overview of the sources and geographical distribution of earthquakes, identifies earthquake hazards, and gives the implications of these hazards to gas distribution...

Geotechnical Monitoring of the OII Landfill

Site Remediation Via Simultaneous Dual Extraction

Preconstruction Testing of Two Soil Liner Materials

Lifeline Utilities Lessons, Northridge Earthquake

High Voltage Electric Substation Performance in Earthquakes

Business Vulnerability to Disaster-Related Lifeline Disruption

Post-Earthquake Inspection of Utility Buildings





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