Mechanical Behavior of a Soft Ferromagnetic Plate in a Magnetic Field

Nonlinear Magnetothermoelastic Waves in Perfect Conductors

Preparing Scientists and Engineers to Interact with NRC

The FERC's Consideration of EMF in the Licensing of Hydroelectric Project Transmission Lines

Designing Training Materials and Irrigation Sector Manuals for International Development

Returning A Landmark

T²—A Civil Engineering Challenge and Resource

Inspector Certification and Training: Preparing the Construction Team to Build Projects Better

Baltimore-Washington Corridor Magnetic Levitation Feasibility Study

Case Histories of the Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Rubble Mound Structures
This proceedings, Case Histories of the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Rubble Mound Structures, contains papers presented at a seminar...

Development of a Hydro Operator/Maintenance Apprenticeship Training Program

Executive Development for Equipment Managers

Transamerica Transportation Corridor Transportation Options for the 21st Century

Segregation Phenomena in a Horizontal Rotating Cylinder

Boston's Regional Water Supply in 2020

Alignment Development for High Speed Ground Transportation

Propulsion Systems for Future Space Exploration
There are many types of propulsion that are being considered for future space travel needs. These include nuclear, solar sail, magnetoplasmadynamic (MPD) thrusters, and laser propulsion...

Very Low Frequency Radio Astronomy from Lunar Orbit
This paper discusses the use of very low frequency aperture synthesis as a probe of astrophysical phenomena. Specifically, the science achievable with the Lunar Observer Radio Astronomy...

Interpretation of Nondestructive Integrity Tests Using Artificial Neural Networks
A barrier to more frequent use of nondestructive integrity tests on cast-in-place foundations is the difficulty of interpreting the test results to identify the presence or absence of...

Training for Effective Public Outreach: A Model for Transportation Risk Communication Training





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