Behavioral Characteristics of Residual Soils
This proceedings, Behavioral Characteristics in Residual Soils, contains papers presented during the sessions sponsored by the Geo-Institute...

Summary of Evaluation Findings for the Testing of Ice Ban
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF Service Center. This report describes a HITEC laboratory and field evaluation...

Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Girders Using Magnetic Flux Leakage

Instrumentation for Field Measurement of Abutment Scour

Effects of Flow Duration on Local Scour at Bridge Piers in New York

Longshore Drift Evaluation on a Groyned Shingle Beach Using Field Data

U.S. Geological Survey Field Measurements of Pier Scour

Local Scour Under Tidal Flow Conditions

Engineering Properties of Boston Blue Clay from Special Testing Program

Scour-Hole Dimensions at Selected Bridge Piers in New York

Relationship between On-Offshore Sediment Transport Rate on the Beach Face and Wave Energy

Hydraulic Conductivity Evaluation of Vertical Barrier Walls

Field Testing of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Rebar Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck

Fatigue Evaluation through Field Testing

Validation and Verification of a Nonlinear Reinforced Concrete Structure Model Using Precision Test Data

Application of Field Data in Fatigue Life Estimation of Highway Bridges

Truck-Induced Wind Loads on Highway Sign Support Structures

Wind Wave Prediction in Finite Depth Water

Parametric Characterization of Surface Wave Data

Coastal Sediment Transport on Shingle Beaches





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