Forensic Evaluation of Guyed Tower Collapses

Estimation of In-Situ Test Uncertainty

The Effect of Measurement Scale on the Worth of Hydraulic Conductivity Data: Slug Tests and Pumping Tests

Field Validation and Application of a Coastal Profile Model

Multiscale Shore Variability at Two Coasts

Gator Communicator Design of a Hand Held Digital Data Mapper

Field Performance of FRP Composite Prestressing Cables

In Situ Measurement of Rockfill Properties

Enhancement of In Situ Zero-Valent Metal Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

Sediment Erosion Rate in the Baltimore Harbor
In-situ erosion experiments were conducted at four selected sites in the Baltimore harbor in May 1995 using the VIMS Sea Carousel. The measurements showed that the erosion rate decreased...

In-Situ Dynamic Response of Cantilever Walls

Numerical Simulation of Field Air Sparging Operations

Irrigation of Grain Sorghum on the Delmarva Peninsula
Irrigated grain sorghum experiments were conducted for two years on a Norfolk sandy loam soil. Full irrigation was compared to partial irrigation and no irrigation in a randomized block...

Field Testing & Evaluating Carbon Cable Prestressed Pile

Geophysical Investigation of Karst Collapse Features for a Proposed Waste Rock Stockpile Irian Jaya, Indonesia

A Field Test of NAPL Removal by High Molecular Weight Alcohol Injection

Sedimentation Dynamics of Tidal Inlets
Tidal inlets are very dynamic systems subject to continuous morphological changes under the action of tides, waves and transported sediments. Although flow and sediment dynamics are interactive,...

In Situ Groundwater Treatment by Granular Zero-Valent Iron Design, Construction and Operation of an In Situ Treatment Wall

In Situ Plume Interception and Treatment Technologies: An Overview

New Materials and Methods for Insitu Rehabilitation of Underground Pipe





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