Ground and Airborne Magnetic and Electromagnetic Surveys at a Hazardous Waste Site

The Application of Time Domain Electromagnetics to a Regional Groundwater Investigation in Western Washington


A User's Experience in Design and Field Quality Control With the Superpave System

Laboratory and Field Electrochemical Monitoring Techniques of Reinforcement Corrosion

Case Histories of Geophysics Applied to Civil Engineering and Public Policy
These case histories will be of interest to both civil engineers and geophysicists. They document the use of a variety of geophysical methods in support of civil engineering projects....

Measuring and Modeling Time Dependent Soil Behavior
This proceedings presents a series of papers on both laboratory and field investigations, as well as constitutive modeling efforts, that all deal with the time dependence of soils and...

Evaluation Findings of the Troxler Model 4430 Water/Cement Gauge
HITEC Report 96-03-TA: Technical Appendix
This technical appendix documents the details of the work (e.g. test data, mix designs, statistical analyses)....

In-Situ Corrosion Testing of Selected HLW Container Materials

Discrete-Fracture Modeling of Thermal-Hydrological Processes at G-Tunnel and Yucca Mountain

Modelling of El Berrocal Field Tracer Tests

Development of Remediation Technologies Simulators
This paper summarizes on.going efforts to develop software for simulating various in situ, subsurface remediation technologies to improve remediation selection, design, and operation....

Developing a Rating Table for the Central Diversion Dam Radial Gates
The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District uses radial gates for flow control throughout its system. The rating tables for five radial gates on a diversion dam are in error,...

Field Trial Results of VMS Travel Time Display on the Corridor Peripherique of Paris

In Situ Characterization of the Microbiota in Yucca Mountain Sediments

Entrainment of Eggs and Larval Fish into Propeller Jets
Because larval fish have limited mobility and eggs have no mobility, both are susceptible to entrainment into the propeller jets of passing vessels. Entrainment subjects eggs and larvae,...

CHEMFLO Modeling of Aquifer Bioremediation in Vadose Zone
This paper deals with bioremediation in the vadose zone with an emphasis on using numerical models as a tool to ensure that the concentration of nutrients is maintained at a required level....

Solid Waste Management in Rural Alaska

Interaction Between Nearshore Natural Processes on Macro-Tidal Beaches. Case Study Along the Capricorn Coast, Australia

An Analysis of Characteristics of Basset Force on Particles Accelerating in Arbitrary Flow Field
In present study of solid-liquid two phase flow, the effect of Basset force on a particle moving unsteadily in a non-uniform flow is not very clear. For this reason, the properties of...





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