Selective Sediment Transport in the Nearshore Zone: Field Observations and Potential Mechanisms

A Nonstationary, Parametric Coastal Wave Model

Spectral Test of Energetic Approach for Suspended Sand Transport in Surf Zone

Three Dimensional Flow Field Measurement of Breaking Waves

Spectral Modeling of Nonlinear Wave Shoaling and Breaking over Arbitrary Depths

Field Studies of Shore Evolution

Suspended Sediment Response to Wave Reflection

A Field Investigation of Functional Design Parameter Influence on Groin Performance: The Great Lakes Groin Performance Experiment

Field Measurements of Wave Transmission Through a Rubble Mound Breakwater

Beach Topography Response to Nourishment at Ocean City, Maryland

Cross-Shore Variability of Infragravity Wave Pressure and Velocities on a Barred Beach

Selection of Remedial Action for a DNAPL Spill

Temporary Erosion Control for Highway Construction in Kansas

The Effect of Foreland on Wave Climate Changes

Surface Wave Recovery from Subsurface Pressure Records on the Basis of Weakly Nonlinear Directional Wave Theory

Surf Zone Velocity Field Measurements Using Digital Particle Image Velocitmetry (DPIV)

A Hand-Deployable Wave Buoy Utilizing Triaxial Accelerometer, Angular Rate, and Magnetometer Sensors

Remediation of Ground Water Using In-Situ Permeable Reactive Barriers: Chromate and Other Inorganic Contaminants

Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene by Iron Bimetallics

Local Scour Under Tidal Flow Conditions





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