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Transport of Two Solutes in a Loessial Soil

Physical Interaction Between TCE and Natural Loess

Shear Modulus and Damping of Unsaturated Loess

Stream Instability in Loess Base Channels
The incision of bess base stream channels is a common and destructive response to alterations within a watershed in the midwest. Monitoring and evaluating procedures are being performed...

Aeolian Sediment Transport Under Offshore Wind Conditions: Implications for Aeolian Sediment Budget Calculations
Field studies of aeolian sediment transport on natural beaches reveal measured transport rates that are lower than those predicted by existing equations developed in arid environments...

Modeling Nitrogen Movement Through Loess Soils
This study evaluates the ability of the Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM) to track the movement and fate of nitrate (NO3--N)...

Influence of Tillage on Hydrology in Western Iowa
USDA Agricultural Research Service has operated four field-sized watersheds in the deep loess soils of western Iowa since 1964. Throughout this time, two watersheds were cropped to corn...

Experimental and Numerical Study of Overland Flow Induced by Rainfall on the Loess Slope
Based on the repeated experiments of overlad flow on the Loess slope under the condition of constant and variable artificial rainfall intensity in laboratory, the mathematical model corresponding...

Field Performance of a Soil Nail System in Loess
This paper presents data from measurements of a soil nail system constructed in loess soil in Pullman, Washington. The soil nail system is designed to retain a 39.2 ft (11.9 m) high excavation...

USBR Case History of Loess Cut Slopes in Nebraska

Pore Structure of Loess using Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry

Determining In-Place Unit Weight of Loessial Soil

Dynamic Characteristics of Intact Loess

Modes, Timing and Volume of Holocene Cross-shore and Aeolian Sediment Transport, Southern Australia

Engineering Aspects of Soil Erosion, Dispersive Clays and Loess
This collection of papers deals with selected engineering aspects of soil erosion, dispersive clays and loess. Two types of erosion are considered—surface and subsurface (piping)—with...

Laboratory Experiment of Intermittent Immersion on Collapsible Loess

Stress-Deformation Properties of Loess and Loess-Derived Alluvium in Western Iowa

Microstructure of Loess Soil in China Relative to Geologic Environment

Effluent in Trickle Irrigation of Cotton in Arid Zones
A trickle system was installed in a cotton field to study the effects of effluent quality, emitter discharge and irrigation regime on the yield of cotton. The experiments were conducted...





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