Tidal Inlet Circulation: Observations, Model Skill and Momentum Balances

Humboldt Beach and Dune Monitoring
Since 1881, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has maintained the entrance channel to Humboldt Bay on the Northern California Coast. This is accomplished through the annual dredging of approximately...

Evaluation Plan for the Group Evaluation of Soil Stabilization and Dust Suppression Products
This Evaluation Plan describes the nature and scope of an evaluation to determine the performance aspects and the environmental impacts of soil stabilization and dust suppression products. A number of...

Phase II Evaluation Findings
The Segmental Concrete Channel Bridge System
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF Innovation Center. This report represents the second component of the...

Quality Control and Quality Assurance Plan for Bridge Channel-Stability Assessments in Massachusetts

An Efficient Method for Assessing Channel Instability near Bridges

Status of the Scour Evaluation of Bridges over Waterways in the United States

Supply of Large Woody Debris in a Stream Channel

Supply of Large Woody Debris in a Channel Network

Relation of Channel Stability to Scour at Highway Bridges Over Waterways in Maryland

Assessment and Implications of Local Channel Instability on the Prediction of Bridge Scour

Utilizing Geomorphic Analogs for Design of Natural Stream Channels

Comparison of Erosion and Channel Characteristics

Relative Roles of Long-Term Channel-Adjustment Processes and Scour on the Reliability of Bridge Foundations

Local Scaling of Bridge Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

Abutment Scour in Compound Channels for Variable Setbacks

Bridge Abutment Scour in Compound-Shaped River Channels

Bridge Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

Contraction Scour at Bridges: Analytic Model for Coarse-Bed Channels





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