Longshore Currents Over Barred Beaches

Longshore Nonuniformities of Nearshore Currents

Vertical Profiles of Longshore Currents and Bed Shear Stress

Vorticity and Eddies in the Surf Zone

Finite Amplitude Shear Wave Instabilities

Spingat, Frank

Comparison of Computed Three-Dimensional Wave-Driven Currents with Measurements

Changes of Sand Grain Distribution in the Surf Zone

Design of a Laboratory Facility for Longshore Sediment Transport Research

A Quantitative Skill Assessment of Numerical Hydrodynamic Models of Coastal Currents

Development of a Large-Scale Tidal Circulation Model for the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas

Simulating the Transport of an Algae Bloom off the West Coast of Vancouver Island

Applicability of Scour Equations in Tidal Areas
Bridge scour and waterway instability in the coastal region where waterways are subjected to tidal flow can be subjected to mass density stratification, water salinity, sedimentation (littoral...

Coastal Dynamics '95
Demands to both utilize and preserve the beaches of the world require improved understanding of the underlying dynamics of the coast, as well as better modeling capabilities. To these...

Simulations of the Maine Coastal Current

One-Dimensional Modelling of Individual Breaking Waves

Drift Scale Thermomechanical Analysis for Thermal Loading and Retrievability Studies

A Peice-wise Linear Evaluation of Masonry Infills Subjected to Out-of-plane Seiesmic Drift
This paper summarizes the out-of-plane testing and analytical modeling of a full-scale unreinforced masonry (URM) infilled frame and a bare frame without infilling. The testing was part...

Behavior of Tall Frame Combining Rigid and Semi-Rigid Connections
In this paper, the applicability of the mixed use of rigid and semi-rigid connections in the tall frame is discussed. It is tried. for 4-bay 8-storey frame to be numerically analyzed for...

Numerical Model of the Longshore Current on a Barred Beach





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