Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle West Point Beach Restoration
There are many ways to manipulate shorelines to prevent erosion. Such efforts often reduce the usable habitat and recreational area associated with the beach. Construction of a natural...

Shoreline Protection Through Process Stabilization (abstract))
Considerable analytical work, including model testing, has been conducted to increase understanding of performance and failure. There is a separate category of problems, however, where...

Homer Spit Storm Damage Reduction
Homer Spit is a natural spit formed by littoral processes at the confluence of Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet in Southcentral Alaska, some 192 km southwest of Anchorage. The immediate erosion...

Evaluation of Backshore Protection Techniques
The study site is Bethune Beach on the east coast of Florida in southern Volusia County which is experiencing severe and continued erosion problems. This shoreline erosion has become critical...

Nantucket's Broad Creek Opening
On September 20-21, 1961 a severe coastal storm, the remnant of hurricane Esther, formed a 1,200 foot wide, 20 foot deep opening in a barrier beach (Smith's Point at Broad...

Nearshore Sand Sources for American Samoa: An Alternative to Using Beach Sand
Using a combination of geophysical techniques, in situ observations, and sampling by scuba divers, we investigated along the south shore of Tutuila Island, American Samoa, for nearshore...

Northwest Regional Coastal Study: An Integrated Approach
The Northwest Regional Coastal Study as proposed consists of: (1) identification of problems; (2) inventory of available information; (3) prioritizing problems and study areas; (4) conducting...

Longshore Currents and Wave Decay in the Surf Zone

Longshore Current Based on Power Law Wave Decay

Modelling of Longshore Currents With a Non Linear Wave Theory

Quasi-3D Nearshore Current Modelling: Wave-Induced Secondary Current

Field Observation of the Dynamics of Long Period Fluctuations in the Nearshore Zone

An Analysis of Return Flow in the Surf Zone

Nearshore Zone Monitoring System

Measuring Wind and Wave Forcing of Longshore Currents During Superduck—A Preliminary Analysis

Longshore Bars and Mass Transport Induced by Long Waves

Research of Littoral Transport Rate and Wave Energy Analyses of the Bay Inside the Wai-San-Ding Barrier of the Taiwan Strait, R.O.C.

The Far-Field Littoral Drift System and Sedimentation in a German Coastal Section

Performance of a Perched Beach—Slaughter Beach, Delaware

Sand Sources for the Transgressive Barrier Coast of Long Island, New York: Evidence for Landward Transport of Shelf Sediments





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