Shoreline Response of Northern New Jersey Barrier System
The barrier island system along northern New Jersey coastline was evaluated for changes in shoreline trends, based on recent shoreline mapping and in support of U.S. Army Engineer, New...

Determination of the Shoreline Impacts of the Morehead City Harbor Deepening Project

Coastal Dynamics Along the Shores of Campania and Lucania (Southern Italy)

Performance Evaluation of a Beach Nourishment Project in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A 3-Year Survey of Tropical Intertidal Macrofauna

Beach and Nearshore Processes: The Mechanics of Marine Sedimentation and Littoral Processes (1963)

The Physics of Sediment Transport by Wind and Water
Sponsored by a special projects committee under the guidance of the Sedimentation Technical Committee of ASCE. This collection contains noteworthy,...

R/C Frame Drift for 1985 Mexico Earthquake
This paper contains the results of a parametric study of the displacement response of multi-story reinforced concrete frames. Nonlinear lateral displacement responses were calculated for...

Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Framing Systems
On September 19, 1985, Mexico City was hit by what is believed to have been the most damaging earthquake in its recorded history. In this report, a ground motion recorded in the severely...

Use of Tracers in Sediment Transport Studies

Short-Term Impoundment of Longshore Transport

NSTS Measurements of Total Longshore Transport

A Study of Beachfill Longevity: Long Beach Island, NJ

Design of a Sand Recycling System

Review of Sediment Budget Methodology: Oceanside Littoral Cell, California

Littoral Cells of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Evolution of Sediment Budgets in the Lee of a Detached Breakwater

Littoral Sand Losses to Scripps Submarine Canyon

Inlet Ebb Shoals Related to Coastal Parameters

Design Features of the Elliott Bay Marina
The paper presents a summary of the major coastal engineering design features of a new Puget Sound small craft harbor proposed for construction within the City of Seattle. The 1,200 berth...





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