Sedimentation of Nile Delta Harbors

The Corine Coastal Erosion Project: Identification of Coastal Erosion Problems and Data Base on the Littoral Environment of Eleven European Countries

Remote Sensing and Eco System Modelling of Coromandel Coast—South India

A New Ocean-Entrance System at Bolsa Chica Bay, California: Preconstruction Assessment of Potential Shoreline Impacts

Management of Drumstick Barrier Islands
Three major problem areas exist on these barrier/inlet systems: 1) the updrift inlet which tends to migrate and erode the upland barrier, 2) the narrow, low and sediment-starved downdrift...

Cross Shore Variations in Heavy Minerals in Beaches of the Barrier Dominated Southeast Atlantic Coast
Cross shore beach sample sets from 102 locations along the barrier dominated Atlantic coast from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to Palm Beach, Florida were studied to determine if there were...

Sediment Transport Processes at Sandbridge, VA
Sandbridge Beach is a primarily residential community located along a 7 km reach of narrow barrier beach. Rates of erosion in this area historically have been high, reaching as much as...

The Coastline Between Rio De Janeiro and Cabo Frio
The coastline between Rio de Janeiro and Cabo Frio is characterized by successive long beach arcs, oriented in the East-West direction. The beaches are separated by rocky headlands resulting...

Vertical Distribution of Barnacles of the Intertidal Rocky Shores of Guanabara Bay, RJ, Brazil
This paper aims to give a quantitative analysis, using the belt-transect method, to describe the Balanomorpha species vertical zonation models of the intertidal in the rocky beaches of...

Recent Erosion in the Stable Ipanema-Leblon Beach in Rio De Janeiro
This paper presents the findings of a diagnostic study contracted by the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, concerning beach erosion problems. It first reviews the problem and existing data....

Wave—Current Interaction and Sediment Transport
The paper reports on a study into whether a close relationship between the mixing (diffusion) coefficient for the sediment, ɜs, and the mixing (diffusion)...

Using Sediment-Threshold Theories in Waves and Currents
Fundamentally different threshold-of-motion theories were applied to sand transport in two different coastal environments. Several recommendations for threshold application were reached....

Engineering Models for Coastal Sediment Transport
During the last ten years Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) has together with the Institute of Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Engineering (ISVA) of the Technical University of Denmark been...

Definition of Littoral Cells for Ontario's Great Lakes Shorelines

Development of an Intertidal Ramp: An Innovative Approach to Shoreline Access

Determining Habitat Value of Intertidal Mud Flats

Citizen Involvement—Guarding the Public's Interest

Inlet Sand Transfer Management

Beach with No Sand—Evolution of the Illinois Lakeshore

Transport of Coarse Material in Low Energy Beach Environments





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