Optimal Design of Transmission Line Structures for Earthquake Loads Using a Genetic Algorithm

Success of Centrifugal Cast Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer Mortar Pipes in Sliplining Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewers

Experience with Steel Seal Membranes for Liners in Pressure Shafts and Tunnels

True Behavior of High Pressure Tunnel for the Guavio Hydroelectric Project

Erosion and Sediment Control Mechanisms of Rolled Erosion Control Products in Channel Applications

Behavior of Aseismic Jointed Pipe Subjected to Large Ground Displacements

Ice Storms, Trees and Power Lines

Tree Damage to Electric Utility Infrastructure Assessing and Managing the Risk from Storms

Reliability Analysis of Electric Distribution Systems

Ice and the Wire Systems of a Transmission Line

Galloping of Ice Covered Wires of a Transmission Line

Innovative Airborne Inventory and Inspection Technology for Electric Power Line Condition Assessments in Remote Areas and Cold Climates

Extreme Event Loading and Cascading Failure Risk Assessment for Electric Power Lines

Rehabilitation of 19th Century Water Mains

South Metro Interceptor Phase IIIA Pipeline Rehabilitation Using the Polymer Foam Lining System

An Innovative Solution for the Repair of the Sepulveda Feeder

The Rehabilitation of Water Mains by Trenchless Renovation

PCCP Repair with Steel Liner and Polyurethane

Tunnel Inspection and Rehabilitation for H2S Corrosion

Innovations in Pipe Linings for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation





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