Artesian Landfill Liner System: Numerical and Cost Optimization Models for Preliminary Design

Adsorption of Lead in Fly Ash Subgrades for Waste Disposal Facilities

Advanced Pumped Storage Creates New Transmission Capacity on Existing Conductors

The FERC's Consideration of EMF in the Licensing of Hydroelectric Project Transmission Lines

Bidding–and Winning–In the Privatization Game

Power Systems After the Northridge Earthquake: Emergency Operations and Changes in Seismic Equipment Specifications, Practice, and System Configuration

Inspection and Rehabilitation of Tunnels Across Faults

PC-Based Design of Channel Protection Using Permanent Geosynthetic Reinforcement Mattings

Slip Displacements of Geosynthetic Systems under Dynamic Excitation

The Los Angeles Heavy Rail System: Innovative Solutions to Design and Construction Challenges

Improved Joint System for Concrete Pipe

Remediation of Crude-Oil-Contaminated Soils Beneath a Containment Liner

Optical Waveguide Solar Energy System for Lunar Material Processing
This paper summarizes a study of the optical waveguide (OW) solar energy system for lunar material processing. In the OW solar energy system, solar radiation is collected by the concentrator...

Overview - Electrical Substation Structures Design Guide
The ASCE Substation Structures subcommittee of the Committee on Electrical Transmission Structures (CETS) is developing a substation structures design guide. The guide discusses the analysis...

Test Experience with Heavy Angle Dead End Lattice Transmission Towers
During the past three years, the Electric Power Research Institute's Transmission Line Mechanical Research Center has conducted full scale tests on three 500kV heavy angle dead end lattice...

Assessment and Upgrade of an Older Transmission Line
This paper discusses the various tools and procedures which have been used to assess and upgrade an older 130 kv tower line. The purpose of the assessment was to determine the line compliance...

An Overview of Shotcrete Usage on the SSC
Shotcrete has been widely used on the Superconducting Super Collider for initial support of tunnel excavations in both the strong and weak rock formations encountered. Different types...

Flow Capacity of Rehabilitated Sanitary Sewers

Round Rock Dam, Outlet Works Modification

An Overview of the Analysis and Design Techniques Used on the Main Tunnels of the SSC
Sophisticated numerical analysis and design techniques were devised for the Supercollider in order to produce a design which closely reflected the constraints of the construction processes,...





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