Reliability Assessment of Underground Shaft Closure

Saint-Venant's Principle for Linear Piezoelectric Porous Materials

Texture Development and Anisotropy in Plasticity

Oscillation of Two Neighboring Bubbles Beneath an Indented Free Surface

An Element-Free Boundary Point Method Based on Wavelet Radial Basis Functions

Synthesis of Dynamic Green's Functions for Simply-Supported Timoshenko Beams

Reliability Analysis of Parallel Pile Systems

Assessment of Flood Magnitude Estimator Uncertainty: Tolerance Limits for the Gamma and Generalized Gamma Distributions

CHDM - Catchment Hydrology Distributed Model

A Systems Engineering Approach to Distributed Hydrologic Modeling

Defining Efficiency and Uniformity: Problems and Perspectives

Identification and Quantification of Efficiency and Uniformity Components

Procedures for Combining Distribution Uniformity Components

Practical Potential Irrigation Efficiencies

Management of Surface Irrigation Systems in Heavy Clay Soils

POLO: Planning and Optimization for Linear Operations

Bubba, A Teleoperated Countermine Vehicle
A recent countermine test program required the development of Bubba, a 5 ton, 6 wheel drive, M-923 military truck converted to teleoperation. The Mine Detection by Energetic Photons (MIDEP)...

Analysis of Composite Panels Using Newton's Method
Postbuckling response prediction of composite panels using Newton's method will be discussed. The traditional approach of nonlinear finite element analysis is to use a Newton-Raphson approach...

Propulsion Systems: Present and Future
Propulsion is the very essence of space travel. There are many types of propulsion. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Propulsion systems are constantly being improved just...

Effects of Site Conditions of Earthquake-Resistant Design of Structures
After a brief discussion of the importance of reliable establishment of design Earthquake Ground Motions (EQGMs) for efficient Earthquake-Resistant Design (EQ-RD) of structures, this paper...





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