Predicting Transport of Organics through Soil Columns using Distributed Mass-Transfer Rates
A numerical model to describe contaminant transport through soil columns, including distributed mass-transfer, is developed. Both a gamma distribution and a lognormal distribution are...

Runoff Computation Using Spatially Distributed Terrain Parameters
A spatially distributed unit hydrograph is developed based on linear system theory applied to subareas or cells within a watershed Each cell has a unique unit response function independent...

A Comparison of Sediment Routing Models
In this paper the authors have compared the performance of coupled linear and non-linear methods of solution from these generic types, in order to assess their suitability for use in optimisation...

Effect of Pump-Ins on California Aqueduct Water Quality
A model has been developed, based on the assumption of constant Aqueduct volume, to predict the effect of ground water pump-ins on Aqueduct water quality. Designated SuperCAMP (California...

Study of Hydraulic Jump Lengths on Inclined Channel Beds
A hydraulic jump is generally used to dissipate kinetic energy of flow to protect man-made structures such as spillways, drop structures, and outlet works. It serves as a perfect location...

A Comparison Between Linear Stability and Direct Numerical Simulation of Waves in a Trailing Vortex

3-D Elastodynamic Green's Functions of Laminated Plates

Probability Density Function of Linear Systems Subjected to a Random Stream of Poisson Pulses

Stochastic Linearization of a Boolean Hysteresis Model

Simulation of Dissolved Oxygen in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
A one-dimensional model has been developed to simulate water quality in a complex multi-channel estuarine system. The model utilizes a Lagrangian reference frame for transport computations....

Moment Lyapunov Exponent and Stability Index for Linear Stochastic Systems with Small Diffusion

Moment Equations for Linear Systems Subjected to Polynomials of Filtered Poisson Processes

A Space Systems Testbed for Situated Agent Observability and Interaction

Stochastic Response of Systems with Linear Hysteretic Damping

Linear Optimal Structural Control Including the External Excitation

Time-Delay Linear Systems with Gaussian White Noise Input

FLODRO 2.0: A User Friendly Personal Computer Package for Flood and Drought Frequency Analyses
The use of personal computers have changed dramatically the way to perform several studies related with hydrological problems. The increased capabilities of the current generation of personal...

An Economy and Risk Analysis of Installed Capacity Expansion at the Three Gorges Power Plant
This paper studies the possibility and economy of peak-regulation operation during flood period at the Three Gorges reservoir, which will at the same time satisfy the requirements for...

An Alternative Linearization Method

Random Vibration of Laminated Composite Plates with Shear Non-Linearity





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