An Improved Linearization Technique for Frequency Domain Riser Analysis

Linear Systems Approach to River Water Quality Analysis

Fragility Curves and Seismic Loss Estimation Methodologies Based on Insurance Data
Loss data for single family dwellings from the 1994 Northridge, California, earthquake were correlated with ground motion with the aim of determining ground motion-based fragility curves....

Technology Innovation in Urban Transit System and Its Project: Development of the Small Size Subway with Linear Induction Motor
In the 1960's, Osaka City started the investigation for miniaturizing the subway for the purpose of developing an intermediate capacity transit system along the Line No. 1, which was most...

Modeling Residence Times: Eulerian versus Lagrangian

Comparisons of Structural Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Moment Frames with Supplemental Damping

Bridge Girder Distribution Factors for Live Load

Lagrangian Modeling and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Development in Low-Gradient Streams

Application of Linear Programming Techniques to Optimize Groundwater Withdrawals for a Pump and Treat System at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
The U.S. Army disposed chemical agents, laboratory materials, and unexploded ordnance at the O-Field landfill from before World War II until at least the 1950s. Soil, ground water, surface...

Seismic Analyses of a Linear Accelerator Concrete Tunnel

A Distributed Approach to Network-Wide Traffic Control Management

A Linear Acceleration Car-Following Algorithm for Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control Systems (AICCS)

Prediction of Short-Term Freeway Traffic Volume Using Recursive Least Squares and Lattice Filtering

Nonlinear Loads on Vertical Columns in Laboratory High Seas

Wave Crest Distributions: Observations and Second Order Theory

Development and Study of Green's Function for Water Waves Over Variable Bathymetry Domains

A Comparison of Field Observations and Quasi-Steady Linear Shear Instabilities of the Wave Bottom Boundary Layer

Directional Distributions in Wave Spectra

Impedances of Underwater Rigid Square Foundations

Computer-Aided Project Control Approach Based on Risk Analysis





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