Quality Control of Dry Lime Cement Columns by the Pressuremeter Test

Lime Cement Columns for the Reconstruction of Interstate 15 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Applications of Ultra and Microfiltration in Conjunction with Lime Softening and Other Pretreatments

Recycling Using Fly Ash and Slaked Lime Slurry

Powdered Activated Carbon Adsorption of MIB in a Lime Softening Treatment Plant

Ten Year Assessment and Rehabilitation—Runway 9-27 LCF Pavement: George Bush Intercontinental Airport—Houston

Utilization of Lagoon-Stored Lime in Embankment Construction
The maximum percentage of lime that can be mixed with a predetermined borrow material to build the proposed road embankment without adversely affecting the physical and mechanical properties...

Response of Lime Mortar Joint Arches to Moving Loads

Performance of Stabilized Base Course at DFW

Leachability Study of Chromium Contaminated Soils to Assess the Long-Term Effectiveness of a Remediation Technology

Lime Stabilization and Disposal of Contaminated Dredged Harbor Sediments

Waste Clay Stabilization with Lime Columns

Hydration of Aluminate Cements

A Study of Alkalinity Leaching and Residual Strength of Alkaline Stabilized Sludge
The addition of sufficient amounts of quicklime or other alkaline earth oxides to dewatered sludge raises both the pH and temperature of the sludge, resulting in microbial inactivation....

Modifying One of the Nation's Most Successful Biosolids Lime Stabilization Operations
Since 1978, the Vallejo, California, Sanitation and Flood Control District has managed a tremendously successful biosolids program consisting of lime stabilization and agricultural land...

Lime Treatment of Asphalt Mixtures in Improving Resistance to Moisture
Airport flexible pavement is susceptible to moisture damage. Lime treatment of asphalt pavement is considered to be an effective method in improving resistance to moisture. It has been...

Stabilization of South Texas Soils with Fly Ash
The expansive soils of south Texas have traditionally been stabilized with lime or Portland cement. As an alternative, a class F fly ash was tried to stabilize expansive soils obtained...

Lime Sludge Amended Fly Ash for Utilization as an Engineering Material
Sludges generated from various water treatment operations are predominantly subject to the fate of land disposal. To prepare sludges for land disposal typically requires time consuming...

Alkaline Sludge Stabilization Processes Offer Viable Sludge Management Options

Utilization of Carbide Lime Waste in Asphaltic Concrete Mixes





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