Livability-Based MOEs for LRT Alignment Selection

Entrance to Aspen LRT: Main Street Design Report

The SWAN Wave Model Verified Along the Southern North Sea Coast

Short-Term Wave Statistics of Southern Taiwan

Southern California Water Reclamation Study

Dengue Fever: Potential Threat to the Southern States

LRT Priority at Congested Intersections: Case Study of Hong Kong LRT

Bring Railway Transport into Full Play in Urban Public Transport

Making Way for Water
The State Water Project Coastal Branch Aqueduct and Extensions brings 48,000 acre feet of water annually to 23 Southern California communities. built over five years, the project involved...

Bridge Scour Assessments Following Hurricane Danny in Southern Alabama

Model of Suspended Solids, Light and SAV

Tidal Circulation in the Southern Indian River Lagoon

Managing Water Scarcity for Sustainable Irrigation in the Southern Mediterranean Region

Aquifer Storage in Southern Sinai

Earthquake Ground Motion Hazards on Southern Alaska Margin, Kodiak Island and Kenai Peninsula

Close-In Blast Design at the Tri-Met Light Rail Tunnels

Burrowing Beneath Bangkok
The $2.9 billion Bangkok subway project faces several daunting obstacles—soft soils, a high water table and Thailand's current economic upheaval. The Blue Line subway system...

Case Study: Crossing of Existing PCCP Aqueducts A and B, Southern Nevada Water Authority Las Vegas, Nevada

Effective Computer Use in Civil Engineering Today

An Intelligent and Multiple-Object Decision Support System for Scheduling of Train Diagram





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