Online Absorption Control System for Wave Generation

Interactive Modeling of Surface Waves and Boundary Layer

Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Water Systems Vulnerable to Tampering

Toward a Risk-Based Assessment of Shallow-Draft Navigation Investments

Adaptive Risk Analysis for Resource Conservation Programs

Time-Dependent Reliability and Hazard Function Development for Navigation Structures in the Ohio River Mainstream System Study

Introduction to Discrete Signals and Inverse Problems in Civil Engineering
This introductory book presents procedures for the analysis of signals and the characterization of systems in civil engineering. The two main topics of this book are at the core of several...

Design and Implementation of a Comprehensive Residuals Management System for the Cary/Apex Water Treatment Facility

Introduction to the Use fo Geographic Information Systems

Selecting a Geographic Information System

Using Distribution System Modeling to Evaluate Treatment Plant Disinfection By-Product Control Strategies

Who Was Really Exposed? Epidemiology, Environmental Modeling and GIS or How Engineers Can Help Epidemiologists Improve Their Studies

Mapping Toxicology: Using ARC Info to Protect the Public Health

Communicating Environmental Health Issues Using GIS or Improving Response to Citizens with Understandable Maps and Data

Consensus Building at Superfund Sites Using GIS

Evaluation of a Conventional Drinking Water Treatment Facility Using Particle Size Distributions

The Data Conversion Experience in New Orleansā€”Development of a Computerized Maintenance Management System

The Effect of Hydraulic Factors on Quality in Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Modeling Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics of Tampa Bay During Summer of 1991

COASTMAP, An Integrated System for Monitoring and Modeling of Coastal Waters: Application to Greenwich Bay





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