Rules for Success in Environmental Negotiation

Managing Sediment to Minimize Environmental Impacts

Comparing Energy Production, Costs and Habitat Impacts for a Hydropower Project

The Challenges of Developing Habitat Suitability Criteria for a Large Southeastern River

Fish Passage at Existing Power Stations

Why are Hydro Projects not being built in the Upper Ohio River Basin?

Turbine Entrainment at Six Hydroelectric Projects Located on the AuSable River, Michigan

Environmental Issues in Relicensing Hearings for Carolina Power & Light Company's Walters Hydroelectric Plant on the Pigeon River, NC

The Belleville Hydroelectric Project—An Overview

Minimum Flow Unit Installation at the South Edwards Hydro Plant

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go: FERC Hydro Regulation after Tacoma

Regulation of Hydropower—Who Is In Charge?

Using the 1992 Energy Policy Act Provisions for Preparation of Environmental Assessments

A Not-So-Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Relicensing the Edwards Dam

The Use of Voluntary License Amendments in Relicensing: A Case Study

Do Settlement Agreements Act as a Catalyst for Receiving a License?

Biological Significance is Not the Issue

Balancing the Scales: Evaluating Power and Non-Power Values

The Benefits of Using AWARE to Evaluate Water Resource Planning Alternatives

An Industry Perspective of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Efforts to Monitor and Enforce Hydroelectric License Requirements





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