Mobile Field Data Acquisition for Construction Quality Control and ISO 9000 Certification

Real-Time Construction Staking
Surveying has changed from a profession in which one learned skills on the job and could even become licensed without a degree. Now firms are turning to high tech equipment using geographic...

Are There Benefits to Continuing Professional Development?
This paper was selected as the Mead student paper winner for 1996. The author defended the position that continuing professional development should be a priority for all engineers and...

Does ASCE Have a Responsibility to Mandate Continuing Education?
This paper won the Mead award for a paper by a younger member of ASCE. He notes that there is an exponential explosion of technology and knowledge and that more demands and higher expectations...

Role of Engineers in Multidisciplinary Hydropower Planning: A Case Study

Hydroelectric Project Relicensing: Federal Regulation of Water Use

Impacts of NAFTA on the Practice and Licensing of Civil Engineers

The Role of Ground-Water Travel Time in Suitability and Licensing

A Current Evaluation of LSS Requirements and Implementation

Site Suitability Evaluation Process Development, The Situs Jurisdiction's Perspective

Bowser, Rita C.

Use of Modeling in Repository Licensing

A Regulatory Perspective on Model Validation

Disposition of Two Plutonium Waste Forms in a Geologic Repository Regulatory/Statutory Issues and Impacts

Expert Judgment in NRC Licensing Proceedings and Its Impact on the Regulatory Decision-Making Process

Natural Elemental Fluxes as Licensing Criteria: A Methodology

Technical Data Hierarchy and Control at the Yucca Mountain Project

Evaluation of Transport Cask Impact Limiters

NAFTA Handbook for Water Resources Managers and Engineers
Sponsored by ASCE; the U.S.–Mexican Policy Studies Program, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin. This report...

Equipment Resource Management into the 21st Century
This proceedings, Equipment Resource Management contains technical papers, reports, and discussions presented at the Specialty Conference on...





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